Billings, George A.

George Billings 1935
George Billings
George Billings
George Billings

George A. Billings (“Georgie”)

Born: 3 March, 1924, Toronto, Ontario
Died: 13 Nov. 2009, Sun Valley, California

George Billings was born on March 3, 1924, in Toronto, Canada. His mother died in his childbirth and his siblings were sent to different relatives. His aunt, Kathleen (Kay) Billings took him and raised him. She was an actress/singer and brought him to Hollywood with her. George Billings attended Lawlor Professional School in 1935 when it was at 5400 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood. He believes he was in the 6th or 7th grade. He appears in the 1935 issue of Lawlor Professionals, the school’s casting book. George was a child actor and appeared in many movies from 1929 through 1950, often under the stage name of Georgie Billings. Besides attending Lawlor Professional School, George also attended Union Elementary School; St. Thomas School (at 15th St and Normandy); Berendo Junior High (on Berendo near Olympic), and Poly Tech High School. He was drafted into the Army Air Force 8th, and served in England. When he came back he finished his required classes at Poly Tech and then went to UCLA. He returned to Poly Tech where he taught commercial photography for 29 years and worked for the Board of Education for five years in the Audio-Visual Department.

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