Bogard, Delia

Delia Bogard 1935

Delia Bogard

Born: 26 June 1921, San Francisco
Died: 15 July 1995, Los Angeles

Delia Bogard is credited with appearances in 27 of the Mickey McGuire’s Gang movies from 1928 through 1932. Mickey McGuire, an ex-Lawlorite, based his popular two-reel comedies on the comic strip Toonervile Folks, and used kid actors for the characters. Mickey McGuire later changed his name to Mickey Rooney. However, Delia made headlines in March, 1939 when she was bludgeoned and robbed of 35¢ on the campus of Los Angeles City College where she sometimes danced in productions on campus. She was lucky and survived. But other women who were assaulted were killed. The man was caught and convicted and died in prison.
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In the 1935 Lawlor Professionals:
Delia Bogard’s photo is in this casting book. The ad indicates that she is a dancer and is available for stage and screen castings.

From the September 30, 1938 Mar-Ken Journal:
Delia Bogard and Hal Belfer will join us again after making their debut in Vancouver, British Columbia.

From the November 24, 1938 Mar-Ken Journal:
MOVIE NEWS: Hal Belfer and Delia Bogard were one of the couples who won the jitterbug contest at Warners’ Swing Set last week. The winners will work in a picture in the near future.

From the December 16, 1938 Mar-Ken Journal:
Delia Bogard & Hal Belfer appeared on a Professional Show at the Troc last Sunday evening.

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