Bond, Thomas “Tommy”

Thomas Ross Bond (“Tommy”)

Born: 16 September 1926, Dallas TX
Died: 14 September 2005, Northridge CA

Tommy Bond was an actor who was discovered at the age of five in Dallas, Texas by a talent scout for the Hal Roach Studio as he was walking with his mother. He played the bully “Butch” in “Our Gang” and “Little Rascals” movies. Later he was the first Jimmy Olsen, the cub reporter in the early Superman movies. Tommy continued acting as an adult through the mid-1950s, being credited with 72 movies. He worked as a director and production manager for TV stations until he retired. After his Lawlor Professional School attendance, he was educated at the studio schools, eventually going to Van Nuys High School where he graduated. He also attended Los Angeles City College and graduated from California State College at Northridge. Tommy wrote a book about his life titled “Darned Right It’s Butch” published in 1993. Tommy was married and has one son.

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From the 1936 Lawlor Professional School Yearbook:
Tommy Bond was in elementary school in 1936.

From “The Lawlor Journal” 1936:
Tommy Bond appeared in scenes with Gladys Swarthout in “Champagne Waltz!” And also, “stooged” for Bert Lahr on a recent Shell Chateau program.

From the March 15, 1937 Lawlor Journal:
LAWLORITES IN RADIO SHOW: Sidney Miller, Tommy Bond, and Jay Morely are heard regularly on the Gus Edwards program, over KFWB.

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