Bredberg, Jacqueline “Jackie”

Jacqueline Bredberg

Jacqueline Bredberg (“Jackie”)

From the 1946 Mar-Ken Intermediate and Junior High Yearbook:
Jacqueline Bredberg made the following contributions to the Yearbook during the 1945-1946 school year:


Willie was just four years old. He and his mother and father were going to Kansas City, Missouri. They started early one Sunday morning. They reached Arizona about six o’clock that night. They stopped at the Painted Desert for supper.

“Who painted it?” asked Willie.

“Mother Nature,” answered his mother without a smile.

Next day came New Mexico where Willie saw a papoose being carried on his mother’s back.

“Why don’t you ride me on your back?” asked Willie turning to his mother.

“Because you are not an Indian,” answered his mother.

Then they came to Texas where they saw more Indians who lived in adobe homes.

Then they came to Oklahoma City, then Kansas and on Tuesday night they arrived at Kansas City where Willie stayed a long time.

— Jacqueline Bredberg Grade 3A



Thousands and thousands of years ago there were huge animals called dinosaurs. They would be looking for water and would see something bubbling that looked like water. Then they would step into the bubbling water but they found that they could not get out and that it wasn’t water. They kept sinking lower and lower. Then archaeologists dug deep into the bubbling water which was really tar and they found the huge bones of the dinosaurs. It took them quite a few years to put them together, but finally they did get them put together.

The tar pits are still here in California.

— Jacqueline Bredberg Grade 4A


3242 Veteran Ave.
Los Angeles, Calif.
May 9, 1946

Dear Mary,

I wish you could have been with us when we took our trip to South America.

First we went to Venezuela. We saw a lot of mestizo and mulatto people. We saw hundreds of oil wells. The people there can’t read or write very much.

Second we went to Columbia. The people there are mestizo, mulatto, white, and a few Indians. We visited Bogota which is the capital. Columbia is one of the most democratic and progressive countries in Latin-America.

Third, we came to the Guianas, then Ecuador, Brazil, Peru, Paraguay, Bolivia, Uruguay, Argentina, and Chile. We saw many interesting things and we collected many fine and different souvenirs.

Your friend,
Jacqueline Bredberg
Grade 4 A


From 1949 Mar-Ken Yearbook:
JACKIE BREDBERG: This freshman is another native of California. Her talent, ambition and what she likes to do best are all the same being ice skating. She spends most of her time in her Mother’s ice rink in Westwood. She likes horses but prefers skating and ice hockey as sports. She loves ice cream and usually has a cone in her hand. Although she hopes to become a professional ice skater, she may go to U.S.C. and study law.

Favorite saying: No kidding
Suppressed desire: To come to school.

From 1950 Mar-Ken Yearbook:
Name: Jacqueline Bredburg
Born: May 13, Kansas City, Mo.
Ambition: Skating
Hobby: Dancing
Favorite Food: Spare ribs
Nickname: Jackie
Song: “Skater’s Waltz”
Feature: Hair
Talent: Skating

[Note, she signed her name with an “e”– Bredberg, in the 1950 Yearbook.]