Byers, Bette

Bette Byers 1952
Bette Byers 1952
Byers Bette
Byers Bette

Bette Byers

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Bette is a professional musician who has worked as a studio musician for many years. She has her own group, The Candle Light Strings. See her website at

From the 1950 Mar-Ken Yearbook:
Name: Betty Byers
Born: June 2, Los Angeles, Callif.
Ambition: Musician
Hobby: Talking
Favorite Food: Spare ribs
Nickname: Betts
Song: “Fiddle-Faddle”
Feature: Nose
Talent: Music

From the 1951 Mar-Ken Yearbook:
Name: Bettie Byers
Birthday: June 2nd
Place of Birth: Los Angeles
Class: Sophomore
Ambition: Musician
Special Interest: Boating
Suppressed Desire: To ride to Mars on a flying saucer
Favorite Saying: “Bla-Bla”

From the 1952 Mar-Ken Yearbook:
Name: Betty Byers
Class: Senior
Ambition: Musician
Special Interest: Music
Suppressed Desire: To Travel
Saying: “I like the beach in the rain”