Clark, Betty Joan

Betty Joan Clark

From the 1946 Mar-Ken Intermediate & Junior High School Yearbook:
Betty Joan Clark is the Mar-Ken Junior High School Semester II class secretary.

CLASS AMBITIONS: Betty Joan Clark has been a dancer of top toe and Spanish since she was four years old. She has always wanted to dance and act in pictures. She has been thinking about radio and has admitted that she wants to act and sing on the radio.

Betty is staff reporter for the Junior High section of the Mar-Ken Journal.

Betty contributed these writings to the Yearbook:

P is for the priceless links of friendships
E means that it’s elastic and can be bent,
A is for aggressive for that we can’t let slip.
C is for congruity which we can sometimes mend,
E is for education for have that we must,
To keep up our good old American trust.
Betty Joan Clark


When the Germans were defeated we were just half way to victory. For we had the Japanese to conquer yet, but now both of these countries, that were so sure each one of them were going to rule the world, are in consequence worse off than anyone else. They are without food, clothing, transportation and things a nation needs to live.

Take China, for instance, she has been fighting with Japan for about nine years. Now she is just going back to her homes. They are getting started again, but as we know they do not have enough food, clothing, or anything like that. Perhaps if they work hard as the people of China has always done they will be able to build up their nation.

After knowing what so many people have gone through, and are still going through, victory means so very much to me and to everyone. It means that we can settle down and start our factories to building things for homes instead of tanks, planes, jeeps, or things for war. It means we can do things we’ve wanted to do since 1941. But there is one thing that will hold up the victory everyone wants so much and that is the large amount of strikes, which are raging over the country. So the first we must settle these things between the people, before we can get things for our nation as a whole.

Betty Joan Clark

From the 1947 Freshman Biographies in the Mar-Ken School Yearbook: 

Name – Betty Clark
Born – Flint, Michigan – Jan. 21
Saying – Oh Jiminy
Talent – Singing, Dancing, Acting
Ambition – Stage shows and pictures

1947 Freshman Predictions: Betty Clark – will be a famous dancer.
Betty was a member of the Los Buenos Vecinos (The Good Neighbors Club) in 1947.

From the 1948 Junior Biographies in the Mar-Ken School Yearbook:
Name: Betty Clark
Born: January 21
Ambition: Dancer
Talent: Dancing
Saying: Oh, you kid
The Impossible: Betty Clark – – If she didn’t say darn-it.

From the 1949 Mar-Ken Yearbook:
Can you imagine Betty Clark not appearing on television?