Conlin, Dolores “Dolly”

Dolores Conlin 2004
Dolores Conlin 2004
Dolores Conlin 1941
Dolores Conlin 1941

Dolores Conlin (Parker) “Dolly”

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Dolores Conlin was a freshman, 9th grade, in 1941. She attended Mar-Ken on Franklin Avenue with her older sister, Pat. (Dolly Also spent a year at Hollywood Professional School and graduated from Hollywood High School). Her younger sister Sally attended Lawlor Professional School.

Dolly tells us that “When I was married my husband and I had the Garden of Allah Hotel, and the Crescendo night club on the Sunset Strip.”

Dolly adds, “Terry Kilbourne was the only male in the Freshman class of 1941, and was an actor from New Zealand. We had a lot of professional ice skater’s for some reason, I guess that is when Ice Shows really got started. I believe Donna Atwood had been an Olympics Champion and became a big star of Ice Capades. We also had a lot of vocalists, none of whom became well known. Our senior class had two sets of twins, odd in such a small school. The Mauch twins were famous at the time for the “Prince and the Pauper” movie. Ann Gillis was Becky in the first Tom Sawyer movie. Jackie Moran started out as well known then as Jackie Cooper, and was Huck Finn in Tom Sawyer I also worked as an extra in that film. Under the opening credits I am seen skipping down a street. It was filmed at Malibu Lake. Many years later I coincidentally ended up owning the house I was skipping in front of.”

“I kind of was in and out of the movie business, was Production Manager on a few well known series at the beginning in the 50’s, as well as doing the March of Dimes yearly music spectacular then. After we sold the Garden Of Allah, which hurt when Lytton Savings tore it down as we had revived it again in the 50’s to what it was in the 30’s. All the stars either stayed there or frequented the restaurant and bar. That was truly a landmark that should have been saved. Then I worked as Zsa Zsa Gabor’s personal assistant, and sort of companion, until I left Hollywood, and moved to Rancho Santa Fe, California. In 1988, I decided to retire to Mexico, where I am still producing some shows. We are famous for the Ortiz Tirado Music Festival, and I help out with that. (At the moment I am working on bringing The Tucson Symphony Orchestra for our next Festival in January 2004.) We have some of the biggest Classical names in Mexico appear, as well as from the States. During the season I try to do one show month, of a classical nature.”

From the September 27, 1940 Mar-Ken Journal:
Frosh: Dolly Conlin is interested in algebra

From the November 8, 1940 Mar-Ken Journal:
WHO’S WORKING: Dolly Conlin – – “Barnyard Follies” for Republic.

From 1941 Mar-Ken Yearbook:
Dolly Conlin has no particular ambition except to be a cosmetician or a model. She has lived in California approximately six years, but she travels a great bit. Dolly claims Detroit, Michigan as her birthplace.