Gumm, Frances Ethel (stage name: Judy Garland)

Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland in the 1943 MGM movie Girl Crazy from the collection
Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland in the 1943 MGM movie Girl Crazy from the collection

Frances Ethel Gumm (stage name: Judy Garland)

Judy Garland, top star child actor and singer, continued her career into adulthood. She attended Lawlor Professional School with sisters Mary Jane Gumm and Dorothy Virginia Gumm.

It was the first show’s guest, however, who really brought out the best in Judy: Mickey Rooney first worked with Judy on October 21st 1933 as part of the lineup for the Lawlor’s Hollywood Professional School Recital, and by the end of that decade they were MGM’s main musical team.

As a matter of fact, Mickey [Rooney] was the first boy I ever let kiss me without slapping him down. It was a birthday party kiss, only a kind of kid kiss, but still–gosh, though, when I remember how we used to talk at Lawlor’s Professional School, about how we’d be big stars on the stage someday and about how rich and famous and glamorous we would be–well, that’s what’s so amazing we wound up together like this! Anyway, Mickey is my best pal. He always was, even when he teased me, he will always be, even if I do have to listen to him rave about other girls.
Source: Judy Garland’s Gay Life Story, by Judy Garland (as told to Gladys Hall), Screenland 1941

I knew her [Judy Garland] at Ma Lawlor’s Professional School, she had more bounce to the ounce than everyone else in the school put together.
– Mickey Rooney

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