Gowland, Peter

Peter Gowland
Peter Gowland

Peter Gowland

Attended Lawlor Professional School from 1933 to 1935.

Peter is a world-renowned professional photographer.

The following was emailed to Mar-Ken.org by alumnus Peter Gowland on July 1, 2004:

I spent two years at Lawlor Professional School from, 1933, ending summer 1935. I was so busy working in the movies that I didn’t have enough credits, then I went into the Army Air Corps. I went back to earn these in 1945.

The school gave me an inferiority complex, with all that talent like Frankie Darrow, Judy Garland, Ann Shirley, Mickey Rooney and dozens of others. They could act, dance and sing. I could do none of these, being 6 ft -2″ and weighing about 135 lbs. Some of the things I remember doing is playing golf with Mickey Rooney, I went out with Judy Garland’s sister, and I drove Anne Shirley to the studios.

Before Lawlors, I had a year at Hollywood High. I worked as a back-ground dancer with a limited contract in MGM’s The Great Ziegfield, another limited contract at Universal, double for Slim Summerville in The Road Back, also double for Ronald Reagan in Voice of the Turtle at Warner Bros., stand-in for Joel McCrea and Walter Houston. My movie credits (and that of my father, mother, daughter, and grand-daughter) can be viewed athttp://www.imdb.com.

I never made any “real money”, until I picked up my Rollei and photographed models and actresses at the beach. We sold over 1,000 magazine covers, shot 10 Playboy centerfolds. Alice [his wife and co-worker] and I have over 25 photography books. One, “Figure Photography” – Fawcett, sold 600,000 copies. Now we have sold over 1,500 large cameras [which Peter invented and manufactured]. I am 88 and love to invent and make things. Everything about me is on our website at http://www.petergowland.com.