Greco, Betty

Betty Greco

From a 1936 Lawlor Journal column, “In the Grade School”:
Lois Lee, after a successful “summer-full” of Professional engagements on the Bert Levey Circuit, went to work at Columbia, recording with Grace Moore for the picture “Interlude.” Other Grade-schoolers to work on this picture included Charles Meyer, Milada Rose, Betty Greco, the three Weidler boys, and Gloria Delson.

[Note: The reference to the Bert Levey Circuit refers to a Circuit of Independent Vaudeville Theatres, which operated as an agent for vaudeville artists and independent theatres. The movie “Interlude” was the working title for a movie released in February 1937 as “When You’re In Love,” staring opera singer Grace Moore and Cary Grant. None of the children mentioned are acknowledged in the movie credits. – Alan Simon, for]

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