Greco, Helen

Helen Greco

Helen Greco is a singer who professionally uses the name Helen Grayco. She sang with the Stan Kenton band, married bandleader Spike Jones and often appeared with Spike Jones and his City Slickers for many years.

From the 1936 Lawlor Professional School Yearbook:
Helen Greco was in the sixth grade in 1936.

From the December 3, 1936 Lawlor Journal:
Dialing Around: Jay Morely, new Lawlor student, and Helen Greco, popular grade schooler, are featured soloists on KFWB’s daily “Squirrel Cage.”

From the January 24,1940 Mar-Ken Journal:
WHO’S WORKING: Jackie Moran – Made his Orchestral debut at Santa Barbara Civic Auditorium Friday night. Linda Ware and Helen Greco – Sang with Jackie Moran’s band in Santa Barbara.

From the 1941 Mar-Ken Yearbook:
Helen Greco is another old student who has just returned to us. Helen was born in Tacoma, Washington and wants to be a singer. Her favorite sport is badminton, and her hobby is collecting perfume. “It All Comes Back to Me” is her favorite song.

Helen Greco was a Junior in 1941.

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