Hill, Suzanne “Suzie”

Suzanne Hill 1944
Suzanne Hill 1944

Suzanne Hill “Suzie”

Sister of Al Hill.

Suzanne is included in a “get well” letter to fellow Lawlor Professional School student Gerry Morgan, dated May 27, 1937.

From the 1936 Lawlor Professional School Yearbook:
Suzanne Hill was in elementary school in 1936.

From the October 15, 1936 Lawlor Journal article, “Public Speaking Group to Present Plays”:
Special Selections will be given on the day the play will be presented. Those giving these specialties are: Suzanne Hill…

From the November 24, 1938 Mar-Ken Journal:
The fifth and sixth grade room has been working on an activity; “The Contributions of Our Ancestors.” The children have this work put in bookform. Each child took a country from which his ancestors came, and wrote about it as his most important chapter. Each used countries such as England, France, and Germany. They are also writing about the countries as follows:
Suzanne Hill:  NATIONALITY: Scotch –  COUNTRY: Scotland

From the Mar-Ken 1940 Primary & Junior High Yearbook:
[Suzanne wrote in both prose and poetry about the Junior High Bicycle ride. She got going too fast and couldn’t brake and fell off – although apparently unhurt. There is also mention of her “corny jokes.”]

From the Mar-Ken 1941 Yearbook, as a 9th grade Freshman:
Suzanne Hill was born in Texas in 1927. She came to California in ’34 and started he school work at Mar-Ken the following year. Suzanne hates pork but likes to watch spiders and other insects.

From the 1942 Mar-Ken Yearbook, as a Sophomore:
Born in Texas, Suzy is extremely literate and enjoys good music, such as “Scherazade” and “The Whistler’s Mother-in-Law”. Swimming, riding and reading are hobbies, while her favorite studies are Journalism and Literature.

From the September 28, 1942 Mar-Ken Journal:
•Susan Hill was elected Vice-President of the Junior Class on September 18.
•SUMMING UP THE SUMMER: Suzanne Hill: Suzie made quite a record for herself this summer. She went to summer school at Mar-Ken and was the only 10th grade student to pass Orientation.
•The 11th grade has been working all summer on the victory garden that is on the east side of the school grounds. Camille Chan was one of the new full pledged farmers.

From the 1943 Mar-Ken Yearbook, as a Junior:
“Caught off Their Guard:” SUZANNE HILL – shocking the new Mar-Kenites with corney jokes.

From the 1943 Mar-Ken Yearbook; Junior Crossword Puzzle:
Junior vice-president and chief librarian.

Suzanne was Junior Class Vice President and Consul of the Carpe Diem (the Latin Club).

From the Mar-Ken 1944 Yearbook, “Transvia,” as a Senior:
From: Dallas, Texas
Destination: U.S.C.J.C.
Description: Brown hair and eyes. Talented looking.
General Data: Likes food when hungry and blankets when cold. Dislikes rehearsals that don’t run smoothly.