Hilton, Katherine “Kathi”

Kathrine "Kathi" Hilton 1956
Kathrine “Kathi” Hilton 1956

Katherine Hilton (“Kathi”)

Kathi is an established artist.

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From the 1954 Mar-Ken Yearbook:
Name: Kathy Hilton
Birthday: April 25th
Birthplace: Mecca, Calif.
Class: Freshman
Ambition: Social Worker
Special Interest: People
Suppressed Desire: To be liked by everyone
Favorite Saying: “Mmmmmm?”

From the 1955 Mar-Ken Yearbook:
Name: Katherine Hilton
Class: Junior
Ambition: To be successful
Hobbies: Mexico and driving
Suppressed Desire: Travel around the world
Nickname: Kathy

From 1956 Mar-Ken Yearbook:
Name: Katherine Hilton
Class: Senior
Hobby: Sewing and cooking
Suppressed Desire: To become a night club singer
Nickname: Kathy
Ambition: To be successful
Expression: I just hope I can