Jorgensen, Elizabeth Ann “Betty”

Elizabeth Ann Jorgensen “Betty”

Married name: Elizabeth Tuft

From the 1946 Mar-Ken School Yearbook, “Junior Biographies”:

Name – Betty Jorgensen
Born – April 18
Ambition – To get to South America
Talent – Singing
Saying – Oh’ How dumb.
Song – The Last Time I Saw You.
Band – Glenn Miller
Food – Food

From the 1947 Mar-Ken School Yearbook, “Senior Biographies”:
Name – Betty Jorgenson
Born – April 18 – Los Angeles
Ambition – To make a perfect pair of sox
Talent – Swimming
Saying – Don’t let it throw you
Nickname – Betz
Senior Predictions: Betty Jorgensen will have sore feet from walking from Redlands up to her cabin in Fallsdale.

Betty was a member of the Los Buenos Vecinos (The Good Neighbors Club), and the Science Club in 1947.

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