Kent, Barbara

Barbara Kent 1940
Barbara Kent 1940

Barbara Kent

Barbara graduated after summer school, 1940.

From the Mar-Ken 1940 Yearbook:
Germany contributes to our class, one Barbara Kent. She’s the kind of a girl that reminds you of a witty remark that you’d like to think up yourself. Blonde, blue-eyes, a beautiful figure, a journalistic addict, and a great believer of Glenn Miller’s “Pavanne” – that’s Barbara. She also has an ambition – becoming a good housewife.

From the September 27, 1940 Mar-Ken Journal:
SNOOPER: Reflections in the Night – – Nice to see that last years graduates return occasionally to Mar-Ken. The place seems a little strange minus Barbara Kent, King Deats and others. Well I won’t feel too blue, we still have Mary Alice Dill, Bill Johnson and many others.