Kolbor, Bernard

Bernard Kolbor

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Bernard Kolbor provides www.Mar-Ken.org with the following biography:

Most Mar-Ken students when I attended in 1945 aspired to careers in the performing arts. I did not. Rather I attended there either one or two semesters plus one summer session as a “bridge” between Le Conte Jr. High and Hollywood High to accumulate additional credits that would enable me to avoid being a “mid-year” graduate from high school. It worked (except for the disaster of an algebra class in the summer session), because I graduated Hollywood High and entered U.C.L.A. in 1948 at the age of 16. I earned my B.A. from UCLA in 1952; J.D. from UC Berkeley (Boalt School of Law) in 1957 with a 2-year interruption in law school due to being drafted into Army and serving two years, mostly in Germany. I practiced law for 30 years with one Los Angeles firm (McKenna & Fitting which became McKenna & Cuneo in about 1980 due to merger with a Washington D.C. firm). I handled litigation for S&Ls, banks and real estate developers. I retired from firm at the end of 1987, and moved to Santa Fe with my wife Ethel. I was then admitted to the New Mexico State Bar in October, 1988; and I practiced in Santa Fe from that time thru 2004, first as counsel to Santa Fe firm of Simons, Cuddy & Friedman and then solo. As of 2005 I am fully retired.

From the 1945 Mar-Ken School Yearbook, “Freshman Biographies”:
Bernard Kolbor was born October 24 in Kansas City, Missouri and moved to California in June of 1943. He started going to Mar-Ken in the A9. His ambition is to be a journalist and his favorite subject in school is History. His favorite sport is basketball and his love interest is Lauren Bacall.

Nickname: Bernie
Freshman Predictions: Bernard Kelbor wants to become a journalist and probably will.