Lang, Reigh

Reigh Lang 1945
Reigh Lang 1945
Reigh Lang's senior photo, 1946
Reigh Lang’s senior photo, 1946

Reigh Lang

Brother of Jean Lang.

From the 1944 Mar-Ken School Yearbook, Transvia, “Freshman Biographies”:
REIGH LANG finds himself having to live up to a fine reputation his sister Jean left when she graduated last year. He’s doing a good job of it too. His ambition is to be a pilot, in the Navy.

From the 1945 Mar-Ken School Yearbook, “Junior Biographies”:
Reigh Lang
Born – Nov. 2, 1928. Riverside, Calif.
Greatest talent – flying
Favorite saying – huba huba
Principal occupation – Working on his car
Chief characteristic – wavy hair
Favorite food – Fried chicken
Destiny – Naval Air Corps

Reigh was a member of Los Buenos Vecinos (The Good Neighbors, Spanish Club) in 1945.

From the 1946 Mar-Ken School Yearbook, “Senior Biographies”:
Title: Reigh Lang, Class President.
Copyright: Riverside, California
Introduction: Reigh is a very enthusiastic class president.
Forward: To be an ace flyer.
Illustrations: Bringing the senior class to order. Watching a basketball game. Riding horses. Eating fried chicken and waffles. Taking a picture with his 35mm.
Glossary: “You know it.”
Can you imagine: Reigh driving down the right side of the street?

Reigh was a member of the Los Buenos Vecinos (The Good Neighbors, Spanish Club) in 1946.

Reigh Lang at school dance from 1945 Mar-Ken Yearbook collage page.
Can anyone identify his partner?