Levinson, Robin Anne

Robin Anne Levinson 1949
Robin Anne Levinson 1949

Robin Anne Levinson

married name: Robin Sokal

Deceased: August 15, 2004

According to a Los Angeles Times obituary, Robin Levinson (Sokal) attended Mar-Ken School. She went on to UCLA, Scripps, Columbia and the Sorbonne in Paris. She worked as a researcher and journalist for Time-Life in New York, Paris and Rome; later working for the United Nations in the Phillipines, Switzerland, the United States, and in Vienna, Austria, where she died of cancer on August 15, 2004. The Times further reports that she is survived by her daughter, Sophia Sokal, and that her sister, Carol Levinson, and her parents, Leonard L. and Ruth Keller Levinson, predeceased her.

From the 1946 Mar-Ken Intermediate & Junior High Yearbook:
•CLASS AMBITIONS: Robin Levinson said she wanted to be an actress. She also wants to write for a magazine leading up to the famous all American novel.
•Robin served as Editor in Chief of the Mar-Ken Junior High section of the Mar-Ken Journal.
•WOULD HISTORY CHANGE IF: Robin became noisy instead of quiet?

From the 1947 Freshman Biographies in the Mar-Ken School Yearbook:
Name – Robin Levinson
Born – Hollywood – Sept. 14
Saying – Ah Nuts
Talent – Ballet dancer
Ambition – Actress and ballet
1947 Freshman Predictions: Robin Levinson – will be a history teacher

Robin was a member of the French Club, Le Circle Francais, in 1947.

From the 1948 Sophomore Biographies in the Mar-Ken School Yearbook:
Name: Robin Levinson
Born: September 14
Where: Los Angeles, Calif.
Ambition: Ballet
Pet Peeve: Desert
Talent: Dancing.
Saying: I’m sorry
Can you imagine: Robin Levinson not getting good grades?
June Levinson confesses: I just couldn’t be that smart.

From the 1949 Mar-Ken Yearbook “49’er” biographies
Case Number X: Robin Levinson (September 14th)
Another native miner fortyniner of Los Angeles, who’s out to make a strike somewhere in the theatrical field whether writing, acting, directing, dancing, choreographing or standing on her head. Robin is not too sure where her talent lies, but knows her enjoyment is in reading and attending plays. She’s also Vice President of the Sigma Gamma Lambda and the Fortyniners. During Christmas vacation she worked for Impossible Pictures, who produce the only cartoons which feature people “Be true to your own kind.” This firm was established by her father, who besides being president is also secretary, producer, director, scriptwriter and chief messenger boy. In the various offices Robin attempted to assist him.
Can you imagine: Robin Levinson not saying ‘I’m sorry?”
Favorite saying: I’m sorry.
Suppressed desire: Be Gloria’s roommate.

From the 1949 Mar-Ken Yearbook: “Guess Who”:
One for whom we’re looking still
Has a voice that isn’t shrill,
Often seen but seldom heard
Her name reminds you of a bird.

Robin Levinson is a member of the Mar-Ken School National Honor Society, and of Sigma Gamma Lambda, and served as its Vice-President in 1949. Robin was also Senior Class Vice-President.