McGibbon, Gloria Jean

Gloria Jean McGibbon

Married name: Gloria Woods

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From the 1946 Mar-Ken School Intermediate and Junior High Yearbook:
Gloria Jean McGibbon contributed the following writings (and more) to the Yearbook:

My Willow Tree

There is a little garden that belongs to me,
And in this little garden there is a willow tree,
Where Mother sometimes sits with me,
And we can watch the sea.
Every morning my willow tree
Waves its leafy arms to me,
And then I go out and see
My little willow tree.

Gloria McGibbon


A Visit to San Gabriel MissionWe took a trip to San Gabriel Mission this year. We saw an old kitchen and a very crude oven. Out on the terrace there were doves and we bought some food and fed them. There was also a cemetery and old Indian graves. Our trip to the Mission was very interesting. There is a grape vine there about one hundred years old.

Gloria McGibbon
Grade 6A


A Visit to Olvera Street

One day the teacher said that we would take a trip to Olvera Street. Kent Bessire took us in the big car. When we arrived we found that it really was not a street but a short alley. We went there because we were studying Mexico. We saw an old cart made of wood and held together by hide strips. There were a lot of little shops. There was a jewelry shop, a candle shop, and a restaurant and many other shops.

Gloria McGibbon
Grade 6A