O’Neill, Paul Brian

Paul Brian O'Neill 1949
Paul Brian O’Neill 1949

Paul Brian O’Neill

From the 1949 Mar-Ken Yearbook “49’er” biographies:
Case Number VI: Paul O’Neill (August 25th)
My, my, another rough and tough digger from the civilized East. However, his birthplace does have a rather wild sounding name (Buffalo). Paul’s ambition in life is to be a musician. Perhaps we can temporarily put him up as piano player for our own Golden Gulch Saloon, since his enjoyment also centers around music. This could fit into his motto too – Living dangerously. Paul also is perhaps the only man known (at least the only Fortyniner) who can jitterbug and look like his knees are tied at the same time.
Can you imagine: Paul O’Neill not living dangerously?
Favorite saying: Living dangerously
Suppressed desire: To go to Tibet and become a lama

From the 1949 Mar-Ken Yearbook: “Guess Who”:
Just a joker in his heart
And in Chemistry he is smart
He likes his piano with a snack
And he lives in a “Little Old Shack”.