Punsley, Bernard

Bernard Punsley 1940
Bernard Punsley 1940

Bernard Punsley

Name also spelled “Bernard Punsly”

Born: 11 July, 1923, New York
Died: 20 January, 2004, Torrance, California

Had a double major at Mar-Ken.

Was a member of the “Dead End Kids,” starring in films in the 1930s and 40s.

As an adult, Bernard was a doctor and became Chief of Medicine at the Little Company of Mary Hospital in Torrance, California.

From the October 28, 1938 Mar-Ken Journal:
MOVIE NEWS: The Dead End Kids have separated for one or two pictures, but will again unite for “Hell’s Kitchen” at Warners. Original boys are: Leo Gorcey, Gabriel Dell, Huntz Hall, Bobby Jordan, Billy Halop and Bernard Punsley.

From the Mar-Ken 1940 Yearbook:
Another New Yorker, is Bernard Punsley. He likes nearly everything — the color blue — baseball and football — and pretty girls!! Ah, yes. He enjoys Glen Miller’s Orchestra, better than any other on the air, at present. His ambition is to become a fine actor.

From the September 27, 1940 Mar-Ken Journal:
ALUMNI:  Bernard Punsley continues as one of the “Dead End Kids.”

From the November 8, 1940 Mar-Ken Journal:
ALUMNI: Bernard Punsley is working in a new picture.

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