Quillan, Rose Ann

Rose Ann Quillan 1941
Rose Ann Quillan 1941

Rose Ann Quillan was a Sophomore in 1941.

From the Mar-Ken 1941 Yearbook, as a Sophomore:
Rose Ann Quillan — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Her name is Rose Ann Quillan and her manner is so sweet,
You would know her by that winsome smile and how she loves to eat,
She’s ambitious to learn how to dance and loves to read you know,
Her favorite pastime is listening to the radio.

From the Mar-Ken 1942 Yearbook, as a Junior:
Pittsburg, Pennsylvania was the birthplace of Rose Ann Quillan. She is well on her way toward being a dancer, which has always been her ambition, although she has a lovely voice. Her favorite class is French, though if you ask her after a test in the subject she’ll probably prefer some other class.

From the September 28, 1942 Mar-Ken Journal:
Rose Ann Quillan was elected to the office of Vice President of the French Club.

From 1943 Mar-Ken Yearbook; Senior Crossword Puzzle:
This quiet, but very dependable girl is Vice-president of the French Club.