Turk, Robert “Bob”

Robert Turk 1943
Robert Turk 1943

Robert Turk “Bob”

Bob is Virginia Turk’s brother.

Bob Turk is a dancer and choreographer, and has been the Creator and Director of Ice Capades and the Lido de Paris for decades. He continues to produce ice shows, as evidenced by a 2005 press release by Casears Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada, which reads: “the legendary producer of the most popular skating shows in America for more than two decades has brought together some of the most talented names in the ice-show business to create ‘The Stars Are Out Tonight’.”

In February 2005, Bob Turk wrote about the Polar Palace which was built in 1926, at the corner of Van Ness and Clinton St. (a block south of Melrose). “I was born about 4 blocks from the wonderful ole rink. I spent my youth in that rink. My recollection goes back to 1937 when I began skating there. There aren’t many of us left who remember that period of time. I do. As a kid I used to bring my classical records to Polar when Sonja Henie wanted to practice with some music. I would sit up there in that booth and play everything she liked.”

– by Alan H. Simon for Mar-Ken.org

From the Mar-Ken 1941 Yearbook:
Bob Turk is an ice skating fiend. He was born in Los Angeles, June 1. He’s crazy about the song “Sometimes I’m Happy” and the story “The Gold Bug”. His hobby is ice skating, his favorite sport is tennis, his ambition is to be a great ice skater, and his pet peeve is to have anyone get in his way at the rink.

From the September 28, 1942 Mar-Ken Journal:
SUMMING UP THE SUMMER: Bob Turk spent most of his time ice skating. He also enjoyed the Summer Concerts at the Hollywood Bowl.

From 1943 Mar-Ken Yearbook; Senior Crossword Puzzle:
Turkey is tall, dark haired and well known for his ability to play the piano.

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