Ward, Jay

Jay Ward
Jay Ward

Jay Ward

Jay Ward is an actor who appeared in at least 26 movies between 1931 and 1944.

From the 1935 ‘Lawlor Professionals’:
Jay Ward’s photo is in this casting book. It indicates that he is a character actor and is available for casting on stage and screen. He is also listed on a page under the title of: “Some Stars who have attended our School.”

From a 1936 Lawlor Journal article, “In the High School”:
Jay Ward and Lee Van Atta just finished at MGM in “Captain Courageous”

From the December 3, 1936 Lawlor Journal:
HATS OFF TO – – Jay Ward, Gene Meredith, Harry Woods, Andy Currie and Frankie Darro, for their splendid playing in our recent football game. Jack Brown, for organizing the group and “holding” them together.

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