Wessel, Malvin “Mal”

Melvin Wessel 1950
Melvin Wessel 1950

Malvin Wessel (“Mal”)

Mal Wessel attended Mar-Ken School from 1947-50. He skipped the 11th grade as he had enough credits. He lived on the Bessire’s Van Nuys ranch from 1947 to 1951. He attended the University of Montana, and obtained his law degree from Southwestern University. He had a career in law enforcement starting as a police officer in the Gardena, California Police Department, and later becoming an FBI agent. He is now retired.

From the 1948 Freshman Biographies in the Mar-Ken School Yearbook:
Name: Malvin Wessel
Born: Nov. 30th
Ambition: Electronics
Saying: Nuts
Song: A Four Leaf Clover
Talent: Loud talking
Favorite Subject: Girls

Malvin was President of the Freshman Class

From the 1949 Yearbook “49’er”:
MALVIN LEE WESSEL: This student was born in Missouri, and took the overland route to join the covered wagons in 1943. His golden aim in life lies in ranching and what he likes to do best – and his talent fits right into the picture – is horseback riding. He tried to ride backward once but he found it didn’t work out. He likes polo, baseball and plans to go to Davis University to study Agriculture. Of all things, he has a phobia for cracking coconuts.

Favorite saying: Oh quiet
Suppressed desire: To have his name spelled right

Malvin is a member of Sigma Gamma Lambda

From 1950 Mar-Ken Yearbook:
Name: Malvin Wessel
Born: November 30, St. Louis, Mo.
Ambition: Animal Husbandry
Hobby: Horses
Favorite Food: Fruit
Nickname: Malnutrition
Song: “Piano Roll Blues”
Feature: Dimples
Talent: Driving his car

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