Wooters, Mary Lee

Mary Lee Wooters 1942
Mary Lee Wooters 1942
Mary Lee Wooters 1941
Mary Lee Wooters 1941

Mary Lee Wooters

Married name: Mary Lee Banan

Born: 24 October 1924, Centralia, Illinois
Died: 6 June 1996, Agoura Hills, California

Mary Lee Wooters was born in Centralia, Illinois on 24 October 1924. Under the name of Mary Lee, she sang with the Ted Weems orchestra in the 1930s. She also appeared in a number of Gene Autry and later in some Roy Rogers western movies. She retired from performing in the mid-1940s.

From the January 24,1940 Mar-Ken Journal:
WHO’S WORKING. Mary Lee – Working at Republic and also on Gene Autry program 3:30 Sundays on KNX.

From the Mar-Ken 1940 Yearbook, as a Sophomore:
MARY LEE WOOTERS – This little human canary was born in Centralia, Illinois, October 24. Her hobby is collecting pictures. She spends her pastime in dancing and attending parties, likes having a wonderful time, but dislikes cauliflower. “Careless” is her favorite song: “Gone With The Wind” her favorite book. Her ambition is to be a great singer on the radio and to be a success in every field.

From the October 25, 1940 Mar-Ken Journal:
•Welcome back to Mar-Ken Mary Lee Wooter.
•WHO’S WORKING: Mary Lee Wooters still starring in “Barnyard Follies” for Republic.

From the November 8, 1940 Mar-Ken Journal:
Mary Lee Wooters was elected Student Body Secretary.

From the Mar-Ken 1941 Yearbook, as a Junior:
Mary Lee Wooters was Secretary of the Student Body Council.

From the February 28, 1941 issue of the Mar-Ken Journal (student newspaper):
Mary Lee – Pet of the entire school, is little miss Lee, of the eleventh grade. Collecting autographed pictures, records, and horseback riding take up the time Mary has left after homework, and the studio. Mary’s ambition is to succeed in radio and pictures … We think you have already.

From the Mar-Ken 1942 Yearbook, as a Senior:
Mary Lee Wooters was born in Centrailia, Illinois. She has made a great success of her life thus far, attaining heights with her singing and motion picture work. She is going to study production in college, and we know that Mary will do as well with that as she has in the past.

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