Edith Beverly Bemis

Born: 14 December 1919, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Bill Bemis is Beverly Bemis' brother.

Billy and Beverly Bemis, brother and sister, were featured in their father's (Kenneth Bemis) book that outlined the Bemis Method for the whole family to learn the latest dancing rage, The Charleston. Their mother, Ruth Stillwell Lovell Bemis, illustrated this very successful book, which was published in 1923. Billy was six years old and Beverly was five years old when they learned the Charleston and were photographed for the book in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Ruth continued to teach her children dance, and this led to Billy and Beverly becoming an international dancing team that travelled the world and appeared in a number of movies. In 1926 the family moved to California. The dance team retired in 1939.

-- For Mar-Ken.org by Alan H. Simon, from information on Family Tree Maker Online: Descendants of Joseph Bemis.

In the 1935 Lawlor Professionals casting book:
Beverly Bemis' photo appears in this casting book. The ad indicates that she is a dancer and is available for casting on stage or screen.

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