Nancy Arleen Manfull

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From 1955 Mar-Ken Yearbook:
Name: Nancy Manfull
Class: Sophomore
Ambition: Graduate from college
Hobbies: Horseback riding
Suppressed Desire: Go through Europe
Nickname: Nan

From 1956 Mar-Ken Yearbook:
Name: Nancy Arleen Manfull
Class: Junior
Hobby: Records and water skiing
Suppressed Desire: To travel through Europe
Nickname: Nancy
Ambition: Major in Psychology
Expression: Howdy

From 1957 Mar-Ken Yearbook:
Name: Nancy Manfull
Ambition: Psychologist
Suppressed Desire: Travel through Europe
Interest: Painting and jazz
Favorite saying: "Should I cut my hair?"
Destination: U.C.R.

Nancy Manfull at the 2005 Mar-Ken reunion.

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