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The following pages are from Patricia Conlin's Scrapbook of Mar-Ken student activities in 1941.

October, 1941 newspaper clipping
(newspaper unknown)
tucked in Pat Conlin's scrapbook:

"Don't ring the doorbell, bust on in," informed the sign on the John LeRoy Johnstons' Laurel Avenue home, where their winsome daughter, Patricia Jeanne, and her pals, Mary Alice Dill and Patricia Conlin, were entertaining for what they had originally planned to be a party for 25 members of the Mar Ken Professional School class of last June.

However, their guess proved to be a new high in low estimating, so to speak, for before the large evening was over more than 100 had put the bust-on-in bid into lusty execution.  But the hostessing trio were ready for 'em and presently the party assumed a more-the-merry air and went into full "swing" with plenty of rug-cutting both indoors and out in the patio.

A colorful Halloween décor adorned the attractive home and among the bust-on-inners were Freddie Bartholomew, Jane Withers, Bill and Bob Mauch, Jimmy Lydon, Charlotte and Shirley Cooper, Bob Jolly, Edith Fellows, Gloria de Haven, Tommy Bedem, Jackie Moran, Mildred Schenck, Bobby Jordan, Gene May, Gloria Delson, Jeanne and Tommy Howlett, John LeRoy Johnston Jr., June Lockwood, Jeanne Clair, Betty Jean Haney, Buddy Pepper, Joe Brown Jr., June Carlson, Ginger Michaels, Patricia Shirley, Toni, Helen and George Greco, Emmy Lou Sites, Buddy McAlister, Jewel Benton, Bob Benton, Margaret Smith, Diana Beresford, Dave Goldon, Barbara Jean Wong, Jack Randall, Tim Taylor, Bill Lechner, David Parsons, Earl Siegler, Hugh Fuller, Frank Fuller, Bill Johnston, John Ericksen, Gene Bell, John Cook, Bob Recht, Johnny Morris, Francis Stewart, Valarie and Altha Carabocki, and Jack Darnell.