Allan, Beatrice (Bebe)

In the September 28, 1942 Mar-Ken Journal:
Beatrice Allan is on the Mar-Ken Journal Staff for this issue of the school newspaper.

From the Mar-Ken 1943 Yearbook as a Sophomore:
Beatrice Allan will have some fun,
Because she will buy a hunting gun,
When hunting you cannot trifle
This girl with a 48 rifle!

From 1943 Mar-Ken Yearbook; Sophomore Crossword Puzzle:
She’s always busy with the paper and bears the honor of being class photograph photographer.

From the 1944 Mar-Ken Yearbook, Transvia, Junior Biographies section:
BEATRICE ALLAN is president of our Class. She is easily annoyed by the misspelling and mispronouncing of her name. Fencing is her favorite sport, and her skill at discouraging people to argue with her.