Allen, Barbara

Barbara Allen - 1948
Barbara Allen – 1948

Barbara Allen graduated from Mar-Ken School in 1948 with a double major in English and History. She was a member of the National Honor Society and Sigma Gamma Lambda. She was a Valedictorian of her graduating class.

From the 1945 Mar-Ken Yearbook, as a Freshman:
Barbara Allen was born Oct. 3, 1931 in Hollywood. She started to Mar-Ken in the beginning of this year. Her ambition is to be a grand opera singer. So she and Jean McLaren ought to get together, because Barbara has been studying singing for two and one-half years. She likes Algebra and baseball and football. Her love interest is Dennis Morgan, who is her best friend.

Nickname: Concerto

Freshman Predictions: After hearing Barbara Allen sing at the Freshman Party, is it any wonder that we expect to see her in opera.

From the 1946 Mar-Ken Yearbook, as a Sophomore:
Barbara Allen
Scene 1 – Born on October in Hollywood, Calif.
Scene 2 – She likes to sing, and her favorite singer is Dennis Morgan.
Scene 3 – Her pet peeve is bleached blondes.
Scene 4 – Her ambition is to be an Opera, and Concert singer.

From the 1948 Mar-Ken Yearbook, as a Senior:
Name: Barbara Allen
Born: October 3
Ambition: Concert Pianist
Talent: Playing the piano
Sport: Football
Hobby: Collecting stamps
Saying: Oh, No!
Song: The Old Lamplighter
Feature: Hands
What if – Barbara didn’t get good grades?

From Quatrains in the 1948 Mar-Ken School Yearbook:

Barbara Allen of Mar-Ken School
Makes study and work her golden rule
She is quite versatile it has been said
All books mentioned, she has read