Anderson, Madeline Lola

Madeline Lola Anderson - 1941
Madeline Lola Anderson – 1941

Madeline Lola Anderson was a Senior, 12th grade in 1941 and graduated that year.

From the 1940 Mar-Ken Yearbook:
MADELINE ANDERSON – Ah, a native daughter. Madeline was born here in Hollywood the 28 of June. Hobby: collecting match top covers. Favorite pastime: relaxing, dancing and listening to the radio. Likes: Sincerity, fun, and friends. Turnips are in her disfavor, but “Out of Nowhere” is not. “Gone With The Wind”, and “Disputed Passage” made quite a hit with her. Subjects in her favor are History and Contemporary Civilization. Colors green (yellow, too). Her ambition is to be a success at anything she undertakes. That is a big undertaking, Madeline, but we’re all for you!

Also from the 1940 Mar-Ken Yearbook:
MADELINE ANDERSON – – This is the girl back of the familiar giggle we hear around school. Bright eyes was born here in little ole Hollywood, June 28th. She hopes to be a dramatic actress.

From the January 24, 1940 Mar-Ken Journal:
SNOOPER: Madeline Anderson and a Stanford man dancing at the Grove.

From the October 11, 1940 Mar-Ken Journal:
SNOOPER: Vacationing at Arrowhead Springs two consecutive week-ends was Madeline Anderson. What is it you like, the view?

From the November 8, 1940 Mar-Ken Journal:
SNOOPER: Enjoying the lilting strains of Tommy Dorsey’s orchestra at the opening of the Paladium were Madeline Anderson and Bob Fellows of Stanford. Very, very nice!!!

From the 1941 Mar-Ken Yearbook:
Madeline Anderson. With her bright eyes, lilting laughter, and dramatic ability we expect to hear much from the chatterbox of the class. She has a knack for making hopeless situations look even more hopeless.