Ardoff, Donna L. (Ordin)

Born: 4 June 1933
Died: 29 October 2005; Beverly Hills, CA

From the 1946 Mar-Ken Intermediate & Junior High School Yearbook:

  • Donna Ardoff is the Junior High School Semester II class Vice-president.
  • CLASS AMBITIONS: Donna Ardoff as everyone knows wants to be a singer and actress. But what you may not know is that she also wants to be a famous pianist. She also told me that she wanted to be in pictures and radio ever since she can remember.
  • Donna is a staff reporter for the Junior High School in the Mar-Ken Journal.
  • She contributed these writings to the Yearbook:
May Day is so much fun
With hot dogs and fat buns,
Laughter and singing
Voices are ringing
Everyone happy and gay
That’s Mar-Ken’s May Day.- Donna Ardoff

VICTORY and PEACE are the most wonderful things to me, not only to me but I’m most sure it means to everyone the two most important things in the whole world now.

Take China for instance. China has been fighting and defending her helpless nation for eight years. I guess many people during 1934-35 didn’t think much about the countries at war, but soon as “Pearl Harbor” was bombed more than ninety percent of those people that didn’t care about our Allies woke up to war and its conditions.

Just think what would happen if our American cause would have lost. If that would have happened VICTORY and PEACE would have been another two words in our vocabulary.

VICTORY and PEACE are here to stay if YOU keep it here by that I mean the boys and girls that will become the American citizens of tomorrow. Our boys and girls of today, in order to have VICTORY and keep it should help in any and every way possible. Help the Red Cross, the cripples children, the Relief Societies and all the famous organizations which are so wonderful here in America.

When you are asked to contribute to any organization don’t look at that shiny new nickel or dime or dollar and say NO, I don’t have any money to give. I’m sure that the corner drug store would rather have you give your money for something worthy than an ice cream soda.

VICTORY is here. WILL YOU keep it here to stay?

What DOES peace mean to the world?

What WILL peace mean to the world?

These are two questions that everyone is asking. But is there an answer?

The world has been in such trouble and terrible destruction that we sometimes wonder will it ever be in construction again. The countless millions that have been killed or an accident during this war, not only abroad but also right here in ‘America, could have been stopped except for a few people who thought they could rule the world.

The boys and girls right now are America’s tomorrow. The world is strong and so are the minds in the world. Some minds think good and some evil. If the world starts out to be more democratic it will continue to stay that way. But if some hypocrite wants to spoil it well that’s up to you.

Will the new world be in destruction or construction?

– Donna Ardoff