Balough, Shirley

Shirley Balough

Shirley Balough

Shirley’s last name is also spelled “Balogh” in some yearbooks.

From the November 24, 1938 Mar-Ken Journal:
The fifth and sixth grade room has been working on an activity; “The Contributions of Our Ancestors.” The children have this work put in bookform. Each child took a country from which his ancestors came, and wrote about it as his most important chapter. Each used countries such as England, France, and Germany. They are also writing about the countries as follows:
Shirley Balogh:  NATIONALITY: Dutch –  COUNTRY: Netherlands

From the Mar-Ken 1940 Primary & Junior High Yearbook:
The eighth grade “Last Will & Testament” has Shirley Balogh leaving her giggling to another student.  She wrote a section about the Junior High School organization in the 1940 Yearbook as well as a poem, “A Dog’s Tail.”

From the 1941 Mar-Ken Yearbook, as a 9th grade Freshman:
Shirley Balough — a native daughter and born in 1928. At an early age she played the accordion on the stage. She hopes some day to be famous in this particular type of playing. Shirley, it might be well said, is a “veteran” of the Mar-Ken School.

From the 1942 Mar-Ken Yearbook, as a Sophomore:
Her ambition is to be a secretary, and her liking for all sports with roller skating as a favorite, makes Shirley a popular girl. Her favorite book is “Idylls of the King” and she enjoys waltzes along with her swing.

From the 1943 Mar-Ken Yearbook, as a Junior:
“Caught off Their Guard:” SHIRLEY BALOGH – oiling her accordian so it will squeek in the right key.

From 1943 Mar-Ken Yearbook; Junior Crossword Puzzle:
Dependability is her middle name, but don’t make her miss the first bus after school.

From the 1944 Mar-Ken Yearbook, “Transvia”, as a Senior:
From: Los Angeles, California
Destination: U.C.L.A.
Description: Daughter of a wonderful cake-baker.
General Data: Doesn’t care particularly for reading or baking, but certainly likes bicycle riding and Ronald Reagan.