Banks, Barbara

Barbara Banks

Barbara Banks attended Mar-Ken from 1945 to 1949.

From the 1946 Mar-Ken School Yearbook:
Barbara was a member of the Los Buenos Vecinos (The Good Neighbors, Spanish Club).

From the 1947 Sophomore Biographies in the Mar-Ken School Yearbook:
Name – Barbara Banks
Born – Fresno, Cal. – June 12
Talent – Going to shows
Ambition – To go to China
Nickname – Bobbie
Favorite Saying – That kills me
Can You Imagine – Barbara Bank without Barbara Smith?

Barbara was a member of the Los Buenos Vecinos (The Good Neighbors Spanish Club) in 1947.

From the 1948 Junior Biographies in the Mar-Ken School Yearbook:
Name: Barbara Banks
Born: June 12
Ambition: Learn something
Talent: Living
Saying: You kill me
The impossible: Barbara Banks – – If she didn’t rush in the two minutes before the bell.

Barbara Banks received the All Around Achievement Award in the Eleventh Grade and was awarded the Viola F. Lawlor Scholarship in 1948.

From the 1949 Mar-Ken Yearbook “49’er” biographies:
Case Number I: Barbara Banks (June 12th)
This sturdy miner first saw the light of day in Fresno, California. Her aim in life is to travel (who knows? maybe she’ll make it to Sutter’s Mill). So far, however, her talent lies in teasing fellow fortyniners and not in mining. Chief enjoyment in life (says she) is making beds. But we think she gets a lot of fun out of operating a little “jeep”, a small bug like vehicle which she learned to drive. At this writing she’s knitting a pair of very attractive argyle socks.
Can you imagine Barbara Banks being bored at a party?
Favorite saying: How dumb.
Suppressed desire: To pass U.S. History

From the 1949 Mar-Ken Yearbook: “Guess Who”:
This brunette is very tall
But not from the Wabash Cannonball
And here we give a scoop! a flash!
She’s not descended from the Banks of the Wabash.

Barbara is a member of Sigma Gamma Lambda, and served as President in 1949.