Bergamo, Larry

Bergamo Model T
Bergamo 40 Ford
Larry Bergamo 2005
Larry Bergamo 2005

Larry Bergamo

Larry attended Mar-Ken for one year and then went into the military.

From the 1955 Mar-Ken Yearbook: 

Name: Larry Bergamo
Class: Sophomore
Ambition: Electronic engineer
Hobbies: Cars
Suppressed Desire: Go to South America
Nickname: Butch

Larry Bergamo tells that one day toward the end of the semester he borrowed a 1926 four-door sedan Model-T Ford from a neighbor. He drove it to Mar-Ken School on Magnolia Blvd., and was late to class. It caused a lot of excitement and everyone came out to see it and take photos of it. Kent Bessire, the director of the school, told everyone to go back to class, but Lary Reid and another boy (they can’t remember who – can anyone help out here?) jumped into the car and they took off, defying Kent, who was very angry. He expelled the three of them and demanded that the kids and their parents apologize to him. Mr. Bergamo refused to. However, Larry’s mother finally did, as did the other parents, and he and the other boys were readmitted and did graduate. Larry joined the military shortly after school ended.

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