Bettes, Bill

Eugene Wiernicz Bill Bettes 1945
Eugene Wiernicz is to the left, and Bill Bettes has his hands
in the engine compartment of this 1936 Ford.
Jimmy Harrison is sitting at the wheel of this 1936 Ford,
with Bill Bettes standing in the window.
Bill Bettes 1946
Bill Bettes 1946 Yearbook

Bill Bettes

From the 1945 Mar-Ken School Yearbook, “Sophomore Biographies”:
Bill Bettes is a newcomer at Mar-Ken, he previously attended John Marshall High. Bill’s hobby is working on his car and his favorite service is the air corps.

Sophomore Nicknames: Sleepyhead

Sophomore Predictions: Bill will be keeping Jimmie Harrison company.

Bill was a member of Los Buenos Vecinos (The Good Neighbors, Spanish Club) in 1945.

From the 1946 Mar-Ken School Yearbook, “Senior Biographies”:
Title: Bill Bettes
Copyright: Hollywood, Calif.
Introduction: Even when he is working with one of those terrific hop ups Bill has a wonderful sense of humor.
Forward: Some day hopes to be tops in the racing and flying world.
Illustrations: Working on his cars. Eating meat.
Glossary: “I’ll terroieze you”
Can you imagine Bill not monkeying around his car?