Breen, Bobby

Bobby Breen

From the Mar-Ken 1940 Yearbook, as a Freshman:
BOBBY BREEN (Born in Montreal, Canada)
“Gimme your badge or your life”. Don’t worry, it’s only Breen or “Spike”, out for the fun of it, collecting fire and police chief badges, which, incidentally is his hobby. Don’t get the impression that he spends all his time like this, for his really favorite pastime is his music (when he isn’t playing football). He likes movies, radio, and yes, here’s a secret – “Chocolate Ice-Box Cake”. Of all the things, he hates carrots. He loves war books, likes History and spelling in school, and confesses he is partial to the color blue. Hoping in the future to be an opera or concert singer, Bob says: “If I can’t do that I’ll just be a business man”.