Conlin, Sally

Sally Conlin
Married name: Sally Hansen

Deceased: 2003.

Sally is a younger sister of Patricia and Dolores Conlin. She attended Lawlor Professional School for a short time in elementary school. She attended and graduated from Hollywood High School. Sally was discovered by a Hollywood columnist and was under contract with Howard Hughes. Her sister Dolores tells that she was with her one midnight in a Sunset Strip office when she signed with Hughes. However, a year later, after she was in several movies, Sally decided she did not want to be a movie star and broke her contact.

Sally went on to be a successful businesswoman. She owned Cinema Magazine. Dolores relates, “She owned the Jax dress shops; in Beverly Hills (corner of Bedford and Wilshire), San Francisco, Palm Beach, Chicago, New York, Balboa Island, etc., and the Daisy Club, a private night club on Rodeo Dr. (where Linda Robb – President Lyndon Johnson’s daughter) had her engagement party, and O.J. Simpson met his wife there when she was a cocktail waitress at the club, all of which were quite famous.”

From the 1936 Lawlor Professional School Yearbook:
Sally Conlin is listed as in elementary school in 1936.