Ekelund, Jana Cozette

Jana Cozette Ekelund

Born: 28 August 1933, Los Angeles
Died: 20 July 1991, Los Angeles

Married name: Jana Crowley

Professional name: Jana Lund. Appeared in several films from the late 1950s through early 1960s.

From the 1943 Mar-Ken Primary & Junior High School Annual:
•Jana Ekelund is House-keeper of the 3rd/4th Grade Class.
•She wrote “Dream Child” for the Annual:

I love to watch the stars at night.
Go on and off; now dim now bright.
And then I try to count them all.
But how can I, when they might fall.

I’d like to be a moon child.
And fly through the milky way
Visit the moon man and try and find out
If he really is green cheese they tell us about.

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