Granville, Bonita

Bonita Granville (“Bunny”)

Married name: Bonita Wrather

Born: 2 February 1923, New York, NY
Died: 11 October 1988, Los Angeles, CA

Attended Lawlor Professional School in Hollywood.

Bonita Granville was a child actress who transitioned into adult performances and has many movies to her credit. Later in her career she produced the Lassie and Lone Ranger television series. Her marriage to Jack Wrather, a wealthy businessman, put her in a socialite setting and she served as an executive in several of their considerable business interests. She became Chairwoman of the Board of Trustees of the American Film Institute.

From The Lawlor Journal, February 11, 1937:
Bonita Granville, the girl we all hated in “These Three,” has become the girl we all love here at Lawlor’s. Bonita is fourteen years old, and is in the A 10. She has blonde hair and big blue eyes. Her picture career started in 1931, and the studios have “kept her busy” since she first began.
Some of her most recent pictures are: “Maid Of Salem,” “The Plough and the Stars,” and “Call It A Day.” Little Miss Granville is an accomplished pianist and dancer, having studied at the Edith Jane School of the Dance.
Her five feet and ninety four pounds are well occupied by Tennis, fancy diving and horse-back riding. Bonita’s hobby is designing clothes and besides all this, she goes to school at “Mom” Lawlor’s famous school. New York proudly claims this clever child actress. So, let’s make her feel at home.   — Dorothy Jackson.

Notre classe, le A10 Francais, a maintenant trois nouvelles eleves. Nous sommes toutes filles. Nous sommes neuf. Les trois nouvelles sont Bonita Granville, la fille qui joue au cinema, Gloria Hoffman, et Patricia Van Cleve. Bonita est tres bonne en Francais. Elle parle merveilleusement, et avec un accent magnifique.

Nous aurons un nouveau piece appelle “le Voyage de M. Perrichon” Ce semestre prometdetre tres interressant. Eh bien, e’est tout.

A. Bientrot,
Marilyn Gates

[English translation of above, from]

Our class, French A10, now has three new students. We are all girls. We are new. The new three are Bonita Granville, the girl who acts in movies, Gloria Hoffman, and Patricia Van Cleve. Bonita is very good in French. She speaks marvelously, and with a splendid accent.

We will have a new play called “The Voyage of Mr. Perrichon.” This semester promises to be very interesting. Oh well, that’s all.

So long,
Marilyn Gates

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