Gray, Dorothy

Dorothy Gray 1935
Dorothy Gray 1935

Dorothy Gray

Born: 23 October 1922, Hollywood, California
Died: 9 May 1976, Los Angeles, California

Dorothy Gray was a child actress who appeared in movies from 1926 through 1943. She was the daughter of actress Jean Riley. Diana Serra Cary (Baby Peggy) tells Mar-Ken.Org that Dorothy’s mother “was a typical Hollywood Mother with big plans for her richly talented daughter, but had to fall back on the strategy of digging in for the long siege by opening her own Rainbow Dance Studio. This way Dorothy could learn all the various (ever changing tango, rhumba, swing, mambo etc.) dance fads and Mother could be in the thick of all the movie job rumors that other means of survival shut most mothers off from. Like so many other such family duos there seemed to be no Daddy Grey. Even the name “Dorothy Grey” was hijacked from a leading and widely advertised line of cosmetics, at least one piece of which was a stand-by on every woman’s mirrored ‘Vanity’ table.”

– For by Alan H. Simon

From the 1935 Lawlor Professionals:
Dorothy Gray’s photo is in this casting book. The ad indicates that she performed in “As the Earth Turns” and “Men in White.” Dorothy is also listed under the title: “Some Stars who have attended our School.”