Griffin, Murray

Murray Griffin

Murray Griffin served as an Assistant Editor and a reporter on the school newspaper, The Lawlor Journal, in 1936.

From a 1936 Lawlor Journal article, “In the High School”:
Murray Griffin is preparing for a political speaking tour, in support of President Roosevelt.

Murray Griffin was on the Lawlor football team when they challenged Hollywood Professional School on November 19, 1936, per The Lawlor Journal.

From the December 3, 1936 Lawlor Journal:
MYSTERY – – Murray Griffin, of the Lawlor Griffins, was all a-tither and a-thither, looking for his precious books, which had mysteriously disappeared. Our janitor, Honest Oscar, is in the habit of placing the books which are carelessly slung around on benches after school (no offense). Well, Oscar puts the books on the shelves in between the stairs and the Biology room. There is a famous spot nearby – the ledge – in view of Miss Dow’s room, where the famed pencil sharpener sits. That’s where Oscar puts carelessly-slung-aside books.

Murray was in the front office, as we said before, looking for his books. He asked Albert Hill did he know where Murray’s books were. Al says to Murray: “Look on the shelves by the pencil sharpener. You find a lot of things there.”

Miss Barbul mysteriously laughed. We wonder why.