Kerley, Ida Mae

Ida Mae Kerley

Attended Mar-Ken School in 1948 as a senior. Not on graduation program as she was on tour per reference in 1948 Mar-Ken School Yearbook crossword puzzle.

From the 1947 Junior section of the Mar-Ken School Yearbook:
Can you imagine – Ida Mae Curley making noise?
Nickname – Curley

Ida Mae Kerley was a member of the French Club, Le Circle Francais, in 1947.

From the 1948 Senior Biographies in the Mar-Ken School Yearbook:
Name: Ida Mae Kerley
Born: June 12
Ambition: Dancer
Talent: Study
Sport: Riding
Hobby: Travel
Saying: I’ll be seeing you
Song: Manana
Feature: Personality

From Quatrains in the 1948 Mar-Ken School Yearbook:
Ida May Kerley on the road this year
Is making acrobatic dancing her career
We’re glad to have her back with us
But she’ll leave again on the next bus