Lockwood, Jane

Jane Lockwood

From the October 13, 1938 Mar-Ken Journal:
•Jane Lockwood was on the Business Staff of the Mar-Ken Journal for this issue.
•THINGS WE COULDN’T DO WITHOUT: Jane Lockwood – Her business ability”?”

From the November 24, 1938 Mar-Ken Journal:
Jane Lockwood is the Business Manager of the Mar-Ken Journal.

From the December 16, 1938 Mar-Ken Journal:
•Jane Lockwood is Business Manager of this issue of the Mar-Ken Journal.
•THE FORUM OF PUBLIC OPINON – Mar-Ken School Students:

The Gum Problem!  It’s always with us.
“It’s nice to chew, but it isn’t very lady-like.” – – Mary Davis
“It’s a grand idea – out of school.” – – Charline Barnard
“It should be done in private.” – – Miss Otto
“The chewer develops quite a stupid expression.” – – Jane Lockwood
“It ends up in the waste-basket.” – – June Ross
“You get a dirty look and usually an ‘F'” – – Dick Selzer
“It helps the student to think.” – – Florence Pepper

•RADIO NEWS: Those working lately – – – (article written by Jane Lockwood)
Jane Lockwood was heard the other Sunday over K.M.P.C. in a dramatic skit at 12:15. She will be heard again next week also.
•MOVIE NEWS! Jane Lockwood will be heard in a dramatization of “The Lost Faun” (a Christmas Fantasy) next Sunday on station K.M.P.C.
•Jane Lockwood wrote a poem “The Christmas of Today” for this issue.
•WHAT THEY ARE DOING FOR CHRISTMAS – Jane Lockwood: At home with two turkeys.
•WHAT THEY WANT FROM SANTA CLAUS – Jane Lockwood: 4,000 sport jackets.