McLaren, Jean “Jeanne”

Jean McLaren (“Jeanne”)

From the 1945 Mar-Ken School Yearbook, “Freshman Biographies”:
Jean McLaren was born Aug. 8, 1930 in Berkeley, Calif. She came to Los Angeles three years ago and is new to Mar-Ken this year. Her ambition is to be an opera singer and has been studying singing for three years. Her favorite sport is football. She is a member of the French Club. She has a seven year contract with 20th Century Fox, which she received last summer. She loves to dance with a certain someone here at Mar-Ken and I know her favorite song is “More and More”. Her current love interest is Tommy L., who is playing Jody in “The Yearling”.

Nickname: Jinxie

Freshman Predictions: Jean will become the star of a Musical Comedy.