McLaughlin, Dolores

 Dolores McLaughlin 1945
Dolores McLaughlin 1945

Dolores McLaughlin

From the 1944 Mar-Ken School Yearbook, Transvia, “Junior Biographies”:
DOLORES McLAUGHLIN is the “glamour-puss” of the class. A terrific blues singer, she also does some modeling work. She can always be found heading some committee at school.

From the 1945 Mar-Ken School Yearbook, Senior Broadcast page:
DOLORES McLAUGHLIN – Whose greatest talent is talking, was born in San Francisco, March 12, 1927 is destined to become authoress. You can hear her saying “Oh”, at the sight of Shrimp salad. Her long lovely hair is her main characteristic. Being a February graduate she is now slaving away at U.S.C.

Senior Nicknames: Teacher