McLaughlin, Douglas “Doug”

Douglas McLaughlin ("Doug") 1946
Douglas McLaughlin (“Doug”) 1946

Douglas McLaughlin (“Doug”)

From the 1944 Mar-Ken School Yearbook, Transvia, “Freshman Biographies”:
DOUGLAS MAC LAUGHLIN, spending his first year at Mar-Ken, has been firm in supporting activities, especially the Horseback Riding Club. He is interested in aviation.

From the 1945 Mar-Ken School Yearbook, “Sophomore Biographies”:
Douglas MacLaughlan was born right here in Los Angeles, California. His great ambition and one love is in the field of Science and Research. He has been going to Mar-Ken for one year and a half and he last attended Bancroft School. His favorite branch of the service is the Navy Air Corps.

From the 1946 Mar-Ken School Yearbook, “Senior Biographies”:
Title: Doug McLaughlan
Copyright: Los Angeles
Introduction: Doug is always willing to work, and is famous for his art work.
Forward: To be a pilot of a four motor jet job.
Illustrations: May be seen arguing and grinning. Also eating hamburgers by the dozen.
Glossary: “Oh, I wouldn’t say that.”
Can you imagine Doug not taking tests?

Sophomore Nicknames: Tiny
Sophomore Predictions: Doug will be a famous inventor. (He’ll probably invent something that will blow him up before anyone sees it.)
Sophomore Sayings: Huh???