Miller, James

James Miller

From the 1946 Mar-Ken Intermediate and Junior High School Yearbook:
•CLASS AMBITIONS: James Miller told me that he wanted to become a paramarine, (which confidentially is the parachute branch of the Marine Corps.) He has been thinking of this since January 1945 and that is because he has two cousins in the Para Troops during the war.
•James served as advertising salesman for the Mar-Ken Journal in 1946.
•WOULD HISTORY CHANGE IF: James stayed in his seat and studied?
•James made the following contributions to the Yearbook:


Baddly battered and baddly bent
Into one more store I went.
Looking high and looking low,
I went to find a purple pillow
That would sing like a weeping willow
And send me off to sleeping.

I found a purple pillow
That sang like a weeping willow
And stopped me from my weeping
And sent me off to sleeping
But soon my purple pillow
Lost the voice of a weeping willow,
There isn’t another in town
I’ve looked all up and down!
Oh! What I’d give for a pillow
That sings like a weeping willow.

Now you know why I’m
Weak and weary
And the day is dark and dreary
But if you find a pillow
Which sings like a weeping willow
Please! Send it to me,
By Postal Delivery.

–  James Miller

VICTORYThe greatest victory I ever knew was on the football field one autumn day. The game was tied seven to seven and we needed six more points in three minutes.

There I stood, left end for our team. The words rang out like a bell to me, “Signals on, 3,7,8,42.” The game was on again. Down went the runner. The ball bounced into my arms and all of a sudden I was running to save my school. One yard, two yards, three yards, the ground passed under my feet like I was flying. I shook two tackles off and ran on when All of a sudden a cry came from the sidelines, “Look out.” I looked up; a goal post stared me in the face.

The game had been won. Fifty-two yards to victory for our team. I think that run was my greatest victory.

–  James Miller
From the 1949 Mar-Ken Yearbook:
JAMES MILLER: A new student who came to Mar-Ken at the half term. He was born in Missouri. His ambition is to get out of the tenth grade. His talent is loud talking and he likes to act. He enjoys socker and baseball for sports. His one and only food is hamburgers. If he can get out of high school, he will try to go to Cal. Tech. (That’s a laugh!!!!).

Favorite saying: Drop dead
Suppressed desire: To fire a Bazooka