Miller, Joyce Ann

Joyce Ann Miller 1941
Joyce Ann Miller 1941

Joyce Ann Miller

From the January 24, 1940 Mar-Ken Journal:
•WHO’S WHO: Joyce Miller – – Likes kelly-green (as if green is not Irish enough). Likes ///////  Hobby is acting. Her favorite food is pie a-la-mode. Ambition is to be first /// tunnel ///////, under a tunnel.
[Note: /// is unreadable]
•SNOOPER: Joyce Miller and Warner Gates of U.C.L.A. enjoying a performance of “The Little Foxes” and then dining and dancing at Ciro’s. That sounds like a really memorable evening.

From the November 8, 1940 Mar-Ken Journal:
FASHIONS: Joyce Miller has been knitting angora sweaters for the Red Cross.

From the Mar-Ken 1941 Yearbook, as a Senior:
Joyce Miller. To see her name in lights on Broadway is Joyce’s most ardent desire. She adores chocolate ice-box cake, swimming, horseback riding, and dancing. Her dramatic monologues have been a “hit” at school parties.

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